the British Society for the History of Radiology


We we are gathering together other resources for people interested in the history of radiology. Whether it is what museums hold, the content of websites, profiles of people, equipment or anything else connected with the subject we are planning to build an informative resource. Key papers from The Invisible Light are indexed here.


We publish a regular journal, The Invisible Light, with news and articles about all aspects of the history of radiology. It goes to members but we put pdf copies on the website after a delay. Click here to see them.















The website is under development to improve access to information – notably in the <RESOURCES> section. This will be a continuing process but we have now reached a point where almost all the information on the old site has been transferred to the new one. The only exception is the <VIDEO> collection which is currently being reviewed. This will be complete in late February.

Important changes in presentation are the indexing of key articles in Invisible Light and elsewhere in the literature under the headings <TECHNOLOGY>,<PEOPLE>, <PLACES&WAR> and <METHODS>.

<TALKS> includes lectures, meetings, conferences and visit reports. <BOOKS> includes book reviews. <WEB> will hold links to useful websites

Two new sections, <MUSEUMS> and <LIBRARIES>, have information about facilities around the world with significant radiology content. We particularly welcome readers’ contributions in these two areas. Send these with title, hyperlink and a sentence or two of description to

Live links are uniformly orange.