Cuthbert Andrews  IL17p30


A Family Affair (Sydney Blackman), By Rita Mason  IL18p16


We Remember….” Recollections of the Chesney Twins  IL16p6

Miss ‘Katie’ Clark (1898-1968)  IL13p8

Images of K C Clark  IL16p14

Robert F Clark  IL16p21

Gustav Contremoulins Book Reviews

A Life History with X-rays Henry Crooks IL13p11

William Crookes: Covert resources and a mentor, 1871-81. by the late Derek R. Guttery. IL22p13

Marie Curie IL15p7

Marie Sklodowska Curie: The Woman Who Opened the Nuclear Age" IL19p19

Marie Curie IL30p6

Marie Curie and the origins of early diagnostic radiology and radiotherapy, Dr Allan Chapman, BSHR Lecture 2016

Tired, Tenacious, Triumphant: Marie Curie Visits the United States in 1921 By  Joel O Lubenau IL36p18

The Radioactive Remains of Pierre and Marie Curie. By Joel O Lubenau and Jean-Luc Pasquier IL37p12

Marie Curie (portrait)   IL36p36

Memories of Marie Sklodowska-Curie: The Marie Sklodowska-Curie IL17p0

Eve Curie-Labouisse 1904-2007 by Richard F. Mould IL28p16


Sir James McKenzie Davidson (a correspondence) IL20p37

Sir James Mackenzie Davidson.  IL33p28

Sir James Mackenzie Davidson: 1896  IL34p21


Sir Robert Fox Symons (a response to a question) by Adrian Thomas  IL26p19

Dr Marion Frank FBIR OBE (11 December 1920 - 15 September 2011)  IL34p4


Recollections of radiography in the 1970s, by Sue Gilson  IL18p5

Joseph Exall Greenhill IL24p15


Who was Ernest Harnack?  IL33p14

Frank Harrison and the First Dental Radiograph IL24p6

Charles Thurstan Holland: pioneer of Liverpool radiology. Austin Carty IL15p18

John Hall-Edwards blog and X-Ray: the Unknown Quantity video


Who was Peter Kerley? By Adrian Thomas  IL32p14


Paul Langevin Profiles

James Bowman Lindsay by Adrian Thomas  IL27p6


Mallard, John (summary

Lise Meitner, Austrian Physicist  IL17p25

....................Book Reviews

Frederick Melville 1891-1954 - A response to a question IL24p12

Egas Moniz Alfredo E. Buzzi, M.D. IL20p5

Obituary - Patricia Morley  IL19p17


Friedrich Regler IL17p6

The Academic Peregrinations of W C Röntgen, by Derek Guttery  IL18p34

Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen  IL13p39

Röntgen and the Nobel Prize  IL16p17

Röntgen and the discovery of X-rays by S G Scott  IL16p24

Roentgen's First Public Lecture, by Fathi Habashi IL18p7

Roentgen’s Album, by Fathi Habashi  IL18p28

Professor Rotblat and the Atom Train by Bryce Halliday  IL26p17

Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat and the Pugwash Conference  IL24p4

A profile of Sir Joseph Rotblat Sally Milne  IL26p11

Sidney Russ (1879-1963) Some recollections, by W Alan Jennings IL20p30


Arthur Schuller Profiles

Who was Florence Stoney? AMK Thomas  IL19p31

Edith and Florence Stoney: X-ray pioneers, Francis Duck